Terms & Conditions

Booking Confirmation

We will confirm all bookings via email or if requested, in writing by post
All bookings are confirmed on a ‘first come first served’ basis. This is to ensure our business continuity and fairness to all our customers


We will amend all bookings via email or if requested, in writing by post

Cancellation Charges

In the event of any cancellation of any course, the following charges will be incurred:
More than 10x Working days prior = NO Charge
Less than 10x and more than 5x Working days prior = 50% of Full Payment
Less than 5x working days prior = Full Payment

All Cancellations

Will be subject to a £25 surcharge, this is to cover the cost of administration and postage etc.

Any pre-booked hotel costs will be charged to the cancelling customer (proof of booking will be given).


Should the course need to be rescheduled during the cancellation times above then the FULL cancellation charges will be incurred. However, when the course is rebooked the total amount for the rescheduled training will be discounted by 50%

Pricing Adjustments

Additional Charges may added to the agreed confirmation price for the following reasons:
Should the “maximum” number of delegates on any course be exceeded
For any addition unexpected vehicle parking charges or penalties incurred
Should our exit time be delayed due to late attendees or room accessibility

In the unlikely event that the course instructor deems the practical area unsuitable for ‘Live Fires’
(i.e. location or weather) we may deliver ‘Hands on use’ of fire extinguishers only. In this case there will be no reduction to the agreed total payment

Many of our customers book courses months in advance and in the unlikely event of our arrival and not being expected, cancellation charges will be incurred


Goods purchased are subject to a delivery charge, unless delivered whilst on site
Payment within 30 days from date of invoice
All prices are subject to Vat