How to Use a Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are an important piece of equipment that everyone should own in case of an emergency. But how do you use a fire blanket? And how do fire blankets work? Lucky for you, at first attendance we have put together a short video perfectly instructing you on how to use a fire blanket safely. You can find the video below.

Who Should Own A Fire Blanket?

Simply put; everyone. A fire blanket is a simple fire safety device designed to tackle early stage small fires (when we say small fires, we mean, for example the office bin). The sheet is used to smother the fire and starve it of oxygen and extinguish it before the fire gets out of control. The use of a fire blanket could potentially save lives and stop a full force fire from breaking out.

How to Use a Fire Blanket

“Hi, my name’s Paul, I work for a company called 1st Attendance Limited. We specialise in fire safety training throughout the UK. Today we’re going to show you the correct way to use a fire blanket. 

We only ever recommend you use a fire blanket on a small fire and our definition of a small fire is nothing bigger than say the office bin. Whenever you purchase a fire blanket, when you get home, please make sure you put it in the correct place. Don’t put it to close to the area of risk or you don’t want it to close to your cooker and things because if there is a fire on there you don’t want to be walking around it or leaning over to actually get to the piece of equipment. 

When you get it home, make sure you fit it to a solid surface. You’ll normally find tabs at the top or bottom of the box. Now to release the blanket in an emergency, all you literally have to do is give those tabs a pull. Now, when you go to use a fire blanket, before you actually attempt to tackle the fire, try and turn off the gas or electric because that will reduce the heat element within the fire triangle. 

When you go to use a fire blanket you need to make sure you protect yourself. The easiest way to protect yourself is to hold the tabs so they face you, backs of your hands against the blanket and then you literally just fold it in. That’s going to protect you from the radiated heat as you attempt to approach the fire. Please don’t hold the blanket too high where you can’t see where the risk is or too low that you’re going to trip over. You’ll literally just want to put arms out straight. Weight on the back foot, move nice and slowly towards the fire and then just place it physically over the top.

When you go to use a fire blanket you need to make sure you protect yourself. Don’t hold it to high you can’t see where you’re going or too low that you’re going to trip over. Don’t attempt to throw the blanket on incase you miss. When you get to this sort of stage and you’re close, don’t pull away because the flames will stick to the blanket and it will follow you out the door and you could actually spread the fire. It has to be just a very quick, swift motion, one step at a time, from there, straight over the top, leave it on there a good half an hour or so. Don’t take it off too quickly because by reintroducing the oxygen, there is a chance of reignition. Leave the actual pan in situ for a good hour or so, at that point if there is any doubt at all that it is not a safe environment, please pick up the phone, phone the fire service brigade and get them there as quick as you can. 

Once again, how to use a blanket safely, very quick, swift motion, straight over the top. Just to recap we’re only ever going to use our fire blanket on a small fire, before you attempt to tackle the fire, turn off the gas or electric to reduce the heat. If there is any doubt at all to your safety, get everybody outside, phone the fire service and leave it to them. 

I hope you found the demonstration beneficial today, please check out the rest of our videos on our first attendance limited youtube channel and give us a call if you’d like us to do any training for you.”

If you work in an office then it is important to know exactly where the fire blanket is kept at all times and you should also inform your employees as well. You should provide a training session to all employees on how to use a fire blanket and we hope that the above video will help you in doing so. If you’d like us to come to your place of work to properly demonstrate the correct procedure, please contact us and we’ll get something put in the diary.

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