Fire Extinguishers are to be used on small fires by competent persons if and when it is safe to do so.

Fire Extinguisher Training Course

In workplaces it’s common knowledge where the fire exits are located and where your fire meet up point is. However, it’s even more important for staff to know how to operate and manage a fire by using extinguishers.

To give you peace of mind, 1st Attendance offer a quick and simple Fire Extinguisher Training course that your staff can take part in. Your staff members or colleagues will be able to identify various fire types and know how to tackle them to prevent a fire becoming out of control. By taking part in our 1 hour course, your team will be confident and capable in using CO2, water and other extinguishing methods.

What does the Fire Extinguisher Training involve?

The course is split into two sections and offers complete teachings in the theory of fire safety and practical training in operating fire extinguishers.

These two sections are:

Theory Session

Overview of UK Fire Law
Fire Chemistry
Behaviour of Fire & Fire Action Routines
Using the Emergency Service Number
The Classifications of Fire
Explanation of the Capabilities and Limitations of Extinguishers
The different types of Extinguisher and explanation of Colour Coding
How to correctly use a Fire Extinguisher

Practical Session

Hands-on use of fire extinguishers with real life fire scenarios, using our environmentally friendly fire rigs when permitted and agreed
Practice Fire Action Routines
Attendees Use Water and CO2 Extinguishers on Real Fires
Foam Extinguisher Demonstration
Fire Blanket Demonstration

Will the Fire Extinguisher training course include how to operate an extinguisher?

We want to make sure your colleagues and staff are fully prepared for a fire within your workplace. We therefore offer training and use of Water & Co2 Extinguishers on real fires, as well as demonstration of Foam Extinguishers and Fire Blankets.

The practical part of the training course allows attendees to get hands on experience in reacting and
responding to a fire. Our trained instructors will also demonstrate the correct use of a fire blanket. This
way you can see first-hand how tackling fires should be done safely, without the fear of losing time in the
event of a real fire. We’re leaders in what we do, so we have found that the best learning techniques for
fire safety are both theory and practical sessions. This way you are not overloaded with information.

Fire Extinguisher course information

Once completing the Fire Extinguisher training, when do I receive my certificate? And how long is the training valid?

The Fire Extinguisher training courses takes as little as one hour to become trained in using fire extinguishers. The theory and practical parts of the session are half an hour each.

Does 1st Attendance Fire Extinguisher Training comply with the law?

All of our courses help your business meet the legal requirements as outlined in the UK Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005. For more information about your responsibilities as a business visit


Where does the Fire Extinguisher training take place?

At 1st Attendance we pride ourselves in arranging your Fire Extinguisher Training to suit you. So, what better than to deliver the course at your premises? Our instructors can deliver site specific information based on your fire procedures and building layout. Your staff will also be onsite, alleviating transportation costs and down time in production.

When can the Fire Extinguisher training take place?

Get in contact with us so we can book your training on a date and time that suits you. We normally work Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm. However, should you require out of hours training for shift workers etc we can accommodate for this. We also have our very own fully equipped fire training classroom for our local clients Please note we operate on a ‘First come – First Served” basis.

What is the duration of the Fire Extinguisher course?

This is a half-day course. Normally 1 hour. Depending on customer specifics, added videos if necessary, question and answers, and delegates appraisals We can include a break if necessary. We can also “Bolt-On” other courses while we are on location. Please see the list of courses that we can deliver.

What does the Fire Extinguisher Training include?

In our Fire Extinguisher Training  course, you will gain knowledge and practical information in:

  • Certificates for all participants (individually named)
  • 3x Certificates for your business (all participants named)
  • Fire Extinguisher Selection Guide for every participant
  • Fire Training advice
    Fire Warden Jacket per location (related course only)
  • Fire Warden Helmet Stickers (construction sites only)
  • Duties & Maintenance Schedule Handout (related course only)
  • FREE Fire Extinguisher or Fire Blanket VOUCHER (CLICK)

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+44 (0) 1179 573 039


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