4 Top Tips For Preventing Fires & Keeping Staff Safe

The Importance of Fire Safety in the Workplace

Employers should be invested in the safety of their staff, especially in the case of fire prevention. There over 22,000 fires breaking out in workplaces annually, this alarming figure is why preventing fires in a workplace is essential. Every workplace must have a fire evacuation procedure in place in the case of a fire but what better way to protect your staff and customers from a fire than prevent it in the first place? Here are some top tips on preventing fires in the workplace. The best thing you can do is prevent fire before it becomes a risk. The government website offers further advice on how fire safety will affect you.

Designated Smoking Area

Fire Prevention - SmokingBy making a few simple changes, you can drastically improve safety in the workplace. Introducing a smoker’s area in the workplace can be the answer to preventing a huge fire breakout in the workplace. Over a third of the death in UK fires in 2018-2019 were due to smokers’ paraphernalia. Something as simple as not putting out a cigarette properly can be the cause of a fatal fire accident.

Introducing a smoker’s area won’t make all your workplace fire hazard problems go away. It’s important that the smokers’ area is located far away from any flammable substances or materials. Smokers should be able to dispose of cigarettes safely by using an ashtray or using sand-filled can to collect hot ashes.


Keeping the workplace neat and tidy in general is a really good way of preventing a workplace fire. Keeping the kitchen tidy is very important because this area of the workplace is usually the most hazardous due to all the equipment and substances in this area. Cooking appliances caused almost half of all accidental fires in the UK in 2018/2019.

Any flammable substances like oil should be kept away from any electric sockets. Gas and electric cookers should be switched off after usage. Putting away flammable materials such as paper, card etc. is a huge step forward in preventing a fire. Disposing of these materials is also an important step because improper disposal of flammables can cause an ignition or even an explosion. Since fire exits are not used very often, they are often used for storage. Making sure all passageways are clear from any equipment is vital in the case of a fire.

Preventing Fires in the Workplace

Training Staff in Preventing Fires

Fire Safety Training CourseInforming your staff on how to prevent a fire is another way to protect your staff and customers in the case of a fire. It is essential that your staff understand the fire evacuation and safety procedures. It is the responsibility of the employer or business owner to educate and train their staff in preventing fires. It is a legal obligation for the employer to carry out a fire safety risk assessment to protect their staff and customers. Shockingly, most employees don’t know how to use a fire extinguisher nor how to prevent a fire. Using fire safety labels throughout your workplace can educate your staff on fire prevention but providing in-depth training will assure that your fire evacuation procedures run smoothly.

Carrying out regular fire drills will help your employees understand their role in the case of a fire thus prevent any fatalities and can minimise the damages that it may cause.

Preventing Fires With Security

blankIt is unfortunate that over 49% of deaths in the workplace are due to arson. Arson is the biggest fire threat because of how difficult it is to control. Employers can introduce better security in their business by installing CCTV cameras. Not only could this deter arsonists but it could also aid in the investigation of discovering the cause of a fire and allow you to provide relevant safety procedures to avoid this in the future. 

Employing security staff can also help you prevent fire due to arson. It is important that all security staff also understand how to prevent a fire. Training your employees on spotting anyone suspicious lurking around the building or in the building. It’s important that the work area isn’t easily accessible to anyone who isn’t an employee of the business.

It’s easy to forget or ignore some of these fire safety tips but understanding how to prevent a fire in the workplace to protect your staff and customers can save your business from folding. You can reduce the risk of your business becoming another fire statistic by simply following these tips.

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