How Covid-19 Has Changed Bristol

Bristol has always been a city for the fun and quirky looking for beautiful waters and great nights out. Since the government has begun to lift Covid-19 restrictions, let’s take a look at how much our city has changed since March 2020. 

We travel far and wide to provide first-class fire safety training, but there’s nowhere quite like home. The city has seen lots of changes over the course of the pandemic and while we are all adapting to the new normal our city does as well. 

While the government continues to place strict restrictions on the whole country, we must consider those that have been left behind. Where some local businesses have been able to adapt their services and continue to trade through lockdown, others aren’t as lucky. 

Bristol has a thriving local economy, filled with an eclectic mix of local businesses from hospitality to retail. Here at 1st Attendance Ltd we have adjusted and transformed our staff fire safety courses in Bristol so that we can continue to provide you with regulated and informed lessons and fire training via live video call

Bristol’s Empty Universities 

Bristol owes a lot of its personality and booming economy to the thousands of students who flock in each year, thirsty for knowledge and a good pint. Not only do they fill hundreds of student houses across the city each year, but they spend and spend in local venues and bars. Our city benefits greatly from the number of young adults that want to continue their education here. 

In March 2020, when the initial lockdown began, students were informed that they should plan to return to university in the autumn. While no solid promises were made, many Bristol students returned in September for the new academic year. However, since online learning continues and university facilities are limited, most students didn’t return in the New Year. 

We see first hand the sheer amount of hard work and planning that goes into keeping a university safe. At 1st Attendance Ltd we have worked with the University of Bristol to conduct employee fire safety training days, if you’d like to see what else we’ve done have a read of our testimonials. Our staff fire training courses in Bristol and other cities haven’t stopped since the pandemic began. Fire safety is as important as always and we provide training that gives you the right information, as well as the confidence to handle a dangerous situation in the most effective way possible. 

Keeping Bristol and the UK’s children and students safe from fire hazards gives us incredible pride in the service we provide. While education may have suffered a standstill, at 1st Attendance we continue to adapt to all of our customers’ needs.

“1st Attendance helped me understand the importance of the facilities provided to help prevent a fire,”- A local caretaker.

Bristol is a different place without students. It almost seems strange not seeing all the bright-eyed young people exploring our city or partying until the early hours of the morning. On a more positive note, the pandemic has made many locals realise the benefit of our city’s universities.

Bye-Bye Bristol Zoo

When the pandemic began we all were told to expect a lot of changes, yet this one we really didn’t see coming. Bristol Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the entire world and has been situated in Clifton for 185 years. Like a red wine stain on the carpet, we all assumed it would never go away. The historical site has housed hundreds of animals over the years, yet the Bristol Zoological Society has decided it’s finally time to move them elsewhere. 

We all have memories of Bristol Zoo, visiting on a sunny day in the 6-weeks holiday with our parents and marvelling at the meerkats. Sadly, the pandemic has sealed the fate of Bristol Zoo in Clifton, but not the end of Bristol Zoo. In place of the zoo’s historic site will be housing and an ‘urban conservation hub’. The animals are all being moved to the Wild Place Project in South Gloucestershire, which will soon become the new Bristol Zoo. Bristol Zoological Society says that this is a step towards a more sustainable Bristol Zoo.

In better news, Bristol Zoo welcomed a miracle during the pandemic, an endangered species of gorilla. The baby gorilla was successfully delivered in December 2020, marking a brilliant final huzzah for Bristol Zoo.

Bristol City Centre Renovation

When The Galleries opened its doors in 1991 it was filled with shoppers, however, since it struggled to compete with the shopping in Cabot Circus and Broadmead. The building is usually seen to be quite empty, with more and more retail stores having to shut, The Galleries is a ghost of a shopping centre. The pandemic has hit high street retail hard; Debenhams and Topshop, both pivotal British stores have been forced into administration and closure because of lockdown measures. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see shopping centres change their motive.

The new renovators of The Galleries have noticed the increasing popularity for online shopping and intend a new purpose for the Bristol city-centre building. The new vision of the building isn’t entirely clear, but it appears that new office space and housing will be built, as well as refurbished retail spaces. While the work on The Galleries won’t begin until after all lockdown restrictions are lifted, it’s great to see our city continue to plan developments even in a lockdown. 

Keeping Bristol Safe

One of the biggest changes we’ve all seen over the last year is social distancing and stay at home orders. This generation of Bristolians have never seen times like it before and while nobody knew what would happen, Bristol continued to care for each other. Bristolians have always cared for our community and local businesses and we must continue to give that support now that essential retail has reopened, as with outdoor hospitality.

We’ve also had to adapt our business to keep everyone safe from not only fire hazards, but Covid-19 as well. We continue to offer Bristol and UK wide staff fire training at your premises, meanwhile, we’ve now added the option of Covid-19 friendly services. We want to keep Bristol and the UK safe while ensuring we don’t neglect our fire safety training- even in your home office! 

Our online fire safety courses cover all the theory knowledge your staff require to keep aware of fire hazards and safe from fire throughout the pandemic. Your fire procedures may have changed since the beginning of the pandemic, so it’s integral you stay up to date with 1st Attendance Ltd. 

Arguably, the most memorable part of our fire safety training is the practical element that we offer. Experience with live fires is integral to your employees understanding of how to manage a hazardous situation. With our professional fire safety trainer at hand, employees can get hands-on experience with live fire and extinguishers. Fire safety is important to us, so we knew that we needed to find a method of training, without jeopardizing the health of our customers. In Bristol, we have trailed and now confidently offer socially distanced practical training and lessons. All participants remain two metres apart throughout the course, as do our training staff. 

While 1st Attendance Ltd has continued to adapt through lockdown to keep providing what we do best. We’ve been established in Bristol for over 20 years and our customers can see why:

“Very worthwhile, everyone should attend one of these fire awareness sessions,” – Sonographer on our staff fire safety training course. 

“Trainer was able to engage staff through humour- but got the serious message across,” – Factory manager on our staff fire safety training in factories and warehouses.

“An enthusiastic and knowledgeable fire trainer with the ability to motivate and captivate,” – The finance manager of a construction site on our construction site fire training.

We love serving our local community and keeping you all safe from fire hazards, currently, we must all work together to keep ourselves safe from this pandemic. If you’re looking for well-informed and professional staff firing training look no further, contact us to discuss any queries you may have.