First Aid At Work Training

At 1st Attendance, we are fully accredited to deliver First Aid Training. This course earns participants the QA Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (RQF).

This qualification is designed for individuals who want to become workplace first aiders. Our comprehensive training course equips candidates with the essential skills and knowledge needed to administer emergency first aid effectively.

What is covered in First Aid at Work Training?

  • The role and responsibilities of a first aider
  • Assessing an incident
  • Managing an unresponsive casualty
  • CPR and defibrillation
  • Recovery Position
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Choking
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Shock
  • Head and spinal injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Wounds and bleeding
  • Fractures
  • Sprains, strains and dislocations
  • Minor injuries
  • Burns and scalds
  • Poisoning
  • Eye injuries

Health and Safety Regulations

In order to comply with the Health and Safety (first aid) Regulations 1981, employers must establish proper arrangements to promptly attend to any injuries or illnesses that may occur in the workplace.

This involves conducting a thorough risk assessment, designating an adequate amount of first aiders, and providing them with the appropriate training. The QA Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work is a regulated qualification so employers will be fulfilling their legal responsibilities by providing it for employees.

Outside of legal requirements, adequate first aid at work training is in the best interest of everyone’s safety. This includes employers, employees and customers.


Does 1st Attendance Fire Safety at Work Training comply with the law?

Our course is Ofqual accredited, all our courses help your business meet legal requirements. For more information about your responsibilities as a business visit

Where does the First Aid at Work Training Course take place?

At 1st Attendance Staff Fire Safety Training we pride ourselves in arranging your First Aid At Work Training to suit you. So, what better than to deliver the course at your premises? Our instructors can deliver site-specific information based on your procedures and building layout. Your staff will also be onsite, alleviating transportation costs and downtime in production.

When can the First Aid at Work Training Course take place?

Get in contact with us so we can book your training on a date and time that suits you. We normally work Monday - Friday, 8 am-5 pm. However, should you require out of hours training for shift workers etc we can accommodate for this. We also have our very own fully equipped training classroom for our local clients. Please note we operate on a ‘First come – First Served” basis.

What is the duration of the First Aid at Work Training Course?

This is a 3-day course. Depending on customer specifics, added videos if necessary, question and answers, and delegates appraisals. We can include a break if necessary. We can also “Bolt-On” other courses while we are on location. Please see the list of courses that we can deliver.

Why choose 1st Attendance?

Expert training – Our course is delivered by experienced professionals, fully accredited by Ofqual. They will guide you through practical scenarios and equip you with the confidence to handle any workplace emergency.

Comprehensive curriculum – The course covers a wide range of injuries and illnesses that may occur at the workplace. You’ll learn how to assess the situation, provide appropriate care, and potentially save lives.

Hands-on experience – Our training includes practical exercises and simulations that allow you to apply your knowledge in a realistic setting. You’ll gain valuable hands-on experience, preparing you for real-life scenarios.

Recognised certification – Upon successful completion of the course you will receive the QA Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (RQF) certification. This qualification is nationally recognised and your certificate will be valid for 3 years.

Flexibility – We understand businesses are busy with day-to-day operations. So we provide flexibility on the location of the training. We can come to you and adhere to your schedule and preferences.

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