Fire Safety Training during Covid 19

We all know that during this time of uncertainty, it is important to stay safe and alert. It is also just as important that we continue to maintain our levels of fire safety protection, throughout your business. 

All businesses should review their Fire Risk assessment and Emergency Plan in light of the impact of Covid-19 on their staffing levels, operating times, business processes and evacuation arrangements.

What we can offer during the Pandemic

New and existing customers have benefited from our services throughout this time. Our qualified instructors are busy maintaining staff competencies and preventing any likelihood of a non-compliance regarding fire safety.

UK Wide at your Premises

Live Online Video Training

Fully Accredited by the IFSM

Safe ‘Live Fire’ Scenarios

Full Covid 19 Risk Assessments

Established for over 20 Years

The Importance of Fire Safety Training

To protect your business it is essential that all staff members know how to act safely, reducing the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire. During this time, staff should be extra vigilant of potential hazards and risks, particularly where staffing levels have been reduced, or if staff are working alone or in an isolated environment. If staffing levels have been affected it is important to ensure sufficient numbers of trained staff are available to undertake key roles such as fire wardens and marshal.

Be Advised – Your fire procedures may have to change during this time 

Certified Covid Secure

View our Covid 19 Secure certificate here Blue Certificate for fire safety training PDF.

Fire safety training risk assessment during Covid 19 Pandemic

Read our risk assessment for fire safety training the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic Covid 19 – Risk Assessment PDF.

Socially distanced theory fire safety lesson

Socially distanced practical fire safety lesson​

Practical outdoor fire safety training

Here’s a visual example of an outdoor training session we’ve already completed. Note that participants are 2 meters apart.  

Fire safety training

Fire training during Covid 19 pandemic

During the Covid 19 Pandemic we’re still here to help with fire safety training. To find out about the training we offer, use our online contact form or call us now.