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“Luckily more than 200 people were evacuated safely, when a fire broke out”
“The fire broke out when an actor knocked over a kerosene lamp on the stage”
“800 children came to watch, and panic erupted when smoke began to billow into the theater”


Safe and efficient evacuation of theatres and cinemas is essential as these spaces are usually occupied by large numbers of people in order to preserve life. Training should also be given on fire safety and awareness to prevent fire hazards. Those working in theatres or cinema premises should be aware of potential fire hazards in their workplace and changes that can be made to help with fire prevention.
1st Attendance Ltd offer a range of courses that would be suited to train those working in theatres and cinemas in fire safety. Our Fire Warden/Marshal Course teaches about fire hazards that could occur in the workplace, and evacuation procedures, along with a practical sessions that gives attendees that opportunity to extinguish real controlled fires.
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CINEMA MANAGER “Excellent presentation, variety of aids used, very interesting”

CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSISTANT “A good balance of theory and practical, Excellent”

SUPERVISOR “Good, straight forward, simple to understand, liked the videos and practical stuff”

AREA MANAGER “Very eye opening, well delivered in the correct amount of time”

USHER “1st class presentation – Thank you very much”

FOOD RUNNER “Very Helpful, I now feel confident using fire extinguishers”

MARKETING MANAGER “Well worthwhile and relevant, I think all staff should attend”

THEATRE MANAGER “An eye opener, I didn’t appreciate how serious and dangerous fires can be”

DEPUTY MANAGER “Really enjoyed Practical session, Video and personal stories. Thank you”

SALES ASSISTANT “I found the course very useful and made me feel more confident”

GENERAL MANAGER “Very useful and it has raised my own awareness both for at work & at home”

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