Stay Fire Safe this New Year

End of year celebrations are a wonderful occasion to get family and friends together, but sadly, are a time when the risk of fire is increased. Ensure that you have the best end of year celebrations by following our safety advice this New Year.

New Year’s Eve Party

If you’re having a New Year’s Eve party, it can be difficult to track all that is happening. Make sure that you are well-prepared and have the suitable safety equipment when hosting as this is the best way to avoid an outbreak. Consider the following when holding a new year’s house party of any size:

  • Ban smoking indoors, and instead, have an outside smoking area that includes a sand filled bucket to safely extinguish cigarette butts
  • If you’re having a fireworks display, have a designated sober team that follows the Firework Code
  • Don’t have lit candles or naked flames in lively parties. Loose dresses, fancy dress outfits, and Christmas decorations can easily catch alight.
  • If you are going to light candles, make sure that they are in a clear space, on a fire resistant surface (e.g. candle holder) and are out of reach of children and animals
  • On the day of the party, test all the fire alarms in your home. Should an incident happen, a working fire alarm will alert you and aid safe evacuation
  • DO NOT ignore a sounding fire alarm. If your alarm does go off, investigate all rooms within your home to see if there is a fire
  • If cooking food for your guests, be aware of potential hazards. Don’t leave your hob unattended, and be aware of the risk of kitchen fires. Make sure you have a fire blanket and small extinguisher to tackle manageable fires.

Be sure to stay fire safe this New Year and an enjoyable time is bound to be had by all.
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