Sleeping Accommodation


“Over 100 people rescued from a 115 year old hotel fire”
“3 fatalities & 86 people rescued in hotel fire, 2 Directors & 1 Safety Consultant prosecuted”
“Popular B&B totally destroyed as 25 fire fighters tackling the blaze”


Types of Sleeping Accommodation Premises
Hotels Guest Houses Bed and Breakfast Hostels Holiday Parks

Staff Who Require Training
Managers, Supervisors, Chefs, Chamber Maids, Cleaners, Overnight Security

When you run a business that offers sleeping accommodation, your guests are probably unfamiliar with the premises and may only have been there for a short while. This makes them more vulnerable in an emergency and, if a firebreaks out, having staff who know exactly what to do is key to a safe evacuation.

1st Attendance have carried out training for all types of business, and know that a one-size-fits-all programme is not always appropriate when it comes to fire training. Our courses are tailored to suit the needs of your industry and staff to ensure that a high level of relevant training is given in fire safety and prevention.

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Every course we offer complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Upon course completion, all attendees receive a personal certificate and the premise is also issued with one, which can be kept with your fire safety records.

Our training for sleeping accommodation is split into practical and theory sessions, so that your employees not only know the appropriate actions to take, but are also practised in using safety equipment. We teach the theory behind fire safety and prevention, and the correct way to respond to an outbreak of fire both during the day and night.

Evacuation processes are especially emphasised when training workers in the hospitality business.

The course includes a practical session showing how to correctly use fire extinguisher and fire blankets, with attendees being able to put out real controlled fires with appropriate equipment.

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To deliver your fire safety training in the most convenient way possible, 1st Attendance is always happy to come to your premises, or if it’s not possible to do so, then we will agree on a convenient alternative location.

When it comes to the hospitality industry, fire safety can’t be pushed down your list of priorities. If your staff need to undertake initial training, or take a top-up course to keep them up to date, then we can help. Find out more information about our bespoke courses by calling 0117 957 3039.

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HOUSING OFFICER “Very interesting and practical very good”

CHEF “Clear and precise instructions”

HOTEL NIGHT MANAGER “Well Done, You definitely give us clear scenarios”

CONCIERGE “Very informative course, had interest throughout, excellent trainer”

B&B MANAGER “I have become more aware about how easy a fire starts”

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST “Very well presented. Liked the video and pictures”

SITE WARDEN “Trainer was very good and I have a better insight into fire awareness”

CLEANER “Very good instructor, made it very easy to take in and really enjoyable”

LODGE MANAGER “Excellent trainer and use of props. Good pace and ensuring full understanding”

WAITRESS “Very useful to be able to try out fire extinguishers and fire blankets, Thank you”

ROOM ATTENDANT “Made me more aware of risks and how to prevent fire”

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