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“14 elderly people lost their lives in worst care home fire for 30 years”
“All 59 elderly residents were evacuated and taken to a local school for shelter”
“It is thought that the cost to the care home owners will be in excess of £2million”


Types of Residential Care Premises
Care Homes Residential Homes Nursing Homes Rehabilitation Premises

Residential Care staff who require fire training
Managers, Supervisors, Nurses, Administrators & Cleaners

We provide training for residential care premises so that your employees are fully educated and trained in all aspects of fire safety in line with government regulations.

We believe that enforcing fire safety within residential care premises is imperative to prevention, protection, and saving lives. Therefore, our training is specifically tailored to the unique needs of these premises whether a care home, residential or sheltered accommodation, nursing home, or rehabilitation premises.

1st Attendance’s courses are in compliance with the responsibilities outlined in The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. A completed session will see individuals and workplaces being presented with certificates detailing the training, showing that your premises has made adequate efforts to train and educate staff in correct fire safety practices.

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We aim to ensure that our residential care premises courses enable all attendees to action the training when necessary and are able to pass on their fire safety procedures in a clear and effective manner to inhabitants of the home that they work within.

Our training include hands on sessions that allow all attendees to participate and practice using two different types of fire extinguisher. The practical session also includes a demonstration showing how to correctly extinguish a fire with a fire blanket.

Also included in the session is in-depth training in the use of ski pads and ski sheets so that all participants are knowledgeable of the quickest and safest way to evacuate immobile inhabitants, or those with reduced mobility, from the premises.

Our course leaders provide ski pads and sheets, along with weighted items so that all attendees are aware and practiced in the physical side of evacuating immobile individuals including the correct way to harness and move them.

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The courses we offer are designed to help care premises of any size, and are in line with government legislation and a business’s legal responsibilities. They can be used to form the basis of your business’s fire training, or as an accompaniment to any in-house sessions that your company may have.

Our courses can be brought to your premises so that all employees can be efficiently trained, or we can arrange to meet in an appropriate location that meets your training needs.

We also offer group courses that are open to individuals for training of single or multiple members of staff. These are ideal for individuals that are new to your team and need initial fire safety training, or those that require a refresher course. Ask our helpful team for further information about this by calling us on 0117 957 3039.

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HOME MANAGER “This training session was excellent. Instructor was excellent and knowledgeable”

SUPPORT WORKER “I really enjoyed this, kept interesting with visual aids and practical session”

CARE ASSISTANT “Presented in an easy to understand way. Very informative”

CLEANER “Really good, informative and interactive”

CATERING ASSISTANT “Pitched perfectly in both content and timing”

CHEF “Thoroughly enjoyed the training. Instructors were excellent, very clear and informative”
bq. SENIOR CARE ASSISTANT “Excellent, informative and practical good training”

HEAD OF CARE “This was a very worthwhile course, made me more aware of Fire Safety”

ADMINISTRATOR “Good use of visual aids – Thank you”

RECEPTIONIST “Very good course – knowledge based and hands on”

DEPUTY HEAD OF CARE “Kept staff motivated throughout the training. Staff participation was excellent”

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