Fire Safety at Festivals and Campsites

The joy of the great outdoors whilst camping, or the experience of seeing your favourite musician can distract you from fire safety. Stay fire safe whilst attending festivals or heading off into the wilderness (or to your favourite campsite) so a fun and memorable time can be had by all by following our advice for campers and festival goers.

No BBQs, Gas Stoves, or Heaters inside the Tent

If you finding yourself hiding away in your tent because of the torrential downpours, it might seem like the perfect opportunity to light your gas stove and quickly brew a cup of tea, but this should NEVER be done.
Lighting a gas cooker inside a tent can not only cause the tent to catch fire, but can also emit noxious carbon monoxide that can be deadly if released in non-ventilated areas. Make sure that you only use cooking equipment outside the tent in a well-ventilated area to avoid tents catching fire and serious harm to individuals.

Consider Space and Distance when Setting Up a Cooking Area

Campsites sometimes have designated concrete cooking areas or fire pits for the safe preparation of food, but if your campsite doesn’t, make sure that you set up your cooking area at least 3 meters from any tent. Keep BBQs raised off the ground to avoid any damage to plants, and away from overgrown areas that are likely to catch fire.

In cramped campsites, such as those at festivals, make sure that gas stoves and BBQs are a considerable distance from all surrounding tents and guy ropes.

Adhere to Rules and Advice

Campsites usually have rules about the safe and appropriate use of cooking equipment and campfires that must be followed in order to have a safe camping experience. If attending a festival and pitching a tent, it is definitely worth checking out the advice and rules on the event organisers website to avoid unsafe or prohibited behaviour.

Festival Fire Safety

Whilst enjoying the festival experience, it is important to consider fire safety. Organisers will have designated fire wardens trained by businesses like ours that will be knowledgeable about fire safety at outdoor venues, and have a clear evacuation procedure in place. If asked to do something by an official fire safety officer, warden or marshal at a festival, follow their advice or instruction.

If your business is organising an open air event, or you run a busy campsite, and would like to learn about fire safety, check out our fire marshal training or training for open air events and venues. Alternatively, give us a call on 0117 957 3039.

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