Fire Safety and Christmas Decorations

Each year, our Christmas celebrations start earlier and earlier, meaning that now, in 2016, homes and businesses are decking their halls as early as the beginning of November. While celebrating this magical time of year, it is important to remember fire safety, as unfortunately, loose decorations can be a serious fire hazard.

So that your workplace, or family home, has the best and safest Christmas possible, we’re pointing out common Christmas fire hazards, and what changes you can make so that your festivities don’t end in disaster.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights give your home a beautiful winter glow, but unfortunately, are a fire risk, especially if you leave them on throughout the day and night. Make sure that you turn your fairy lights off when you leave your home or office, and when you go to bed. Always check your lights to see if they have the British Safety Sign on them.


With the winter months being chilly, it’s more than likely that you’ll use your home fireplace to keep cosy. Regardless of what kind of fire you use, you need to make sure that Christmas decorations are kept away from heat and naked flames. Therefore, it’s best to be cautious when decorating your fireplace as overhanging stockings and bunting can easy catch alight.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a festive staple in most homes and offices, and while they look lovely, it is essential that care is taken to avoid issues. Ensure that your tree is placed clear of any evacuation routes and emergency exits. Whether real or fake, be sure to keep your tree away from fireplaces, heaters, hot air vents, and machinery that is prone to overheat.

If you smoke, do so away from the tree, as this will avoid the potential for hot ash or stubs from igniting the tree.

If you’re looking to finish the year by training your employees in fire safety, or feel that you want to be up to date with your fire awareness this Christmas, then we can help. We provide informative and educational fire training for businesses that includes both practical and theory sessions.

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