Fire Extinguisher Usage Training

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Usage Training Course

This is a 1 hour course that is aimed at any person who may be required in their profession to make use of a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire.

The course is split into two sessions that last approximately half an hour each, during which our instructors teaches theory in the first part, and then holds a hands-on practical session where attendees get to use water and CO2 extinguishers on controlled fires; along with demonstrations of other extinguishing methods.

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During the practical part of the session, the course instructor will give an interactive presentation and carry out a discussion on how to classify fires by size and type and the uses and limitations of each extinguisher. Completion of the course means that attendees will receive a certificate showing that they have got the required knowledge on appropriate ways to combat small fires.

As with all our training, including our Fire Marshal and Fire Warden, there will be opportunities for attendees to have any questions or queries about their fire training answered.

For a breakdown of the 1 hour course, see below, or visit our Contact Us page to speak to one of our Fire Extinguisher Trainers.

Theory Session:

Fire Classification
Fire Extinguisher Capabilities & Limitations
Fire Extinguisher Types & Colour Coding
Application of Extinguishing Media

Practical Session:

Fire Action Routines
Use of Water & Co2 Extinguishers on Real Fires
Demonstration of Foam Extinguisher
Demonstration of Fire Blanket

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