Construction Site Training

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Fire Construction Site Training (includes Fire Warden and Fire Co-Ordinator)

Duration: Fire Warden 2.5 To 3 Hours (am) & Fire Co-Ordinator 2.5 to 3 Hours (pm)

1st Attendance Ltd can offer courses that are tailored to your industry or workplace to meet the requirement of your profession. One of the industry specific courses that we offer is our Fire Construction Site Training, which incorporates legislation applicable to construction site working practice in regards to fire safety.

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This takes up a whole day, with morning and afternoon sessions that cover all relevant factors and issues that apply to construction sites in terms of fire prevention and the procedures to take should a fire occur.
The morning covers the different types of fire extinguisher and correct usage, how to respond to different types of fire breakouts, and has a practical session which allows for attendees to use water and CO2 extinguishers on real fires.

The afternoon covers the duties of a Fire Co-Ordinator, including legislations and types of fire risks that construction sites face; along with a discussion of escape routes and fire plans. This provides staff with a clear understanding of the principles contained within the Joint Code of Practice for Construction Sites.

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Fire Warden Training Course

Theory Session:

Fire Law (in brief)
The Threat & Chemistry of Fire
Fire Behaviour & Fire Action Routines
Calling the Fire Brigade
Fire Classification
Fire Extinguisher Capabilities & Limitations
Fire Extinguisher Types & Colour Coding
Application of Extinguishing Media

Practical Session:

Fire Action Routines
Use of Water & Co2 Extinguishers on Real Fires
Demonstration of Foam Extinguisher
Demonstration of Fire Blanket

Theory Session:

‘The Role of a Fire Warden’ (DVD)
Assessing Fire Risks
Spotting & Reporting Hazards
The Appropriate Action in the Event of a Fire
First Aid Fire Fighting
Ensuring Full & Safe Evacuation
Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance Schedules

Fire Co-Ordinator Training Course

Legislation and compliance
Fire risks on construction sites
LPG/Acetylene and flammable materials
Means of escape
Storage of combustible materials
Fire Plan
Fire protection on the site
High Rise Construction sites
Large Timber Frame Buildings
Examples of good and bad practices

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