Animal Premises


“Luckily no animals were hurt, but Fire fighters were unable to save the building”
“The whole stable block was totally destroyed by the fire”
“It will take months and thousands of pounds for the Stables to be rebuilt”


Types of Animal Premises
Stables Equine Establishments Livery Yards Animal Shelters Pet Shops Zoos Animal Sanctuaries

Staff who require Training
Manager, Supervisors, Administrators, Groomers, Instructors, Volunteers, and Cleaners

Our courses can help your animal premises become fire safe as we offer bespoke training for employees that work in shelters, livery yards, zoos, and any other premises that houses animals.

The sessions we offer can help all of your employees and volunteers learn the correct and safest way to leave your premises in event of an emergency and will educate on fire awareness in the workplace. As our courses are tailored to your business type, we educate on fire hazards that are particularly prevalent in animal premises.

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We understand that evacuations from shelters, stables, or any location where animals are housed can be difficult, which is why our courses teach the correct and safest way to leave your premises in the event of an emergency. We can visit your business and provide onsite training or, if it is unsuitable to train at your workplace, we can hold courses in a suitable location.

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All of our fire safety training courses comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and can be used to help complete your fire safety risk assessment.

Upon course completion, all attendees will receive a certificate, as will your workplace. These can be kept with your records and fire safety risk assessment documents, and will show your efforts to comply with UK legislation.

Our courses provide an excellent base for your safety training, or can be used to top-up or refresh your team’s awareness. We also hold a number of group courses that are well-suited for new employees joining the workplace.

For more information about our courses, or to book a training sessions, please get in touch with our friendly team by calling 0117 957 3039.

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MANAGER “Excellent, an enjoyable and very necessary course”

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MAINTAINER “Well presented. Brill! Good usage of resources and material”

STABLE CLEANER “Very well delivered – I need to go home and get that sort now”

RIDING INSTRUCTOR “The Instructor impressed on me how important this subject is!”

MAINTENANCE TEAM “Well presented. Very good training – Excellent resources and material”

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